A Workshop for HSPs (Highly Sensitive People)

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“Highly Sensitives make up 20% of the world’s population.  We approach (& are impacted by) the world/lives/work/families differently than the other 80%.  In this workshop, come and learn the differences and useful tools and techniques to better live your life and thrive.”


Helene Anne and Puppies – Photo Credit – Lynn Lacroix

Do you love going to busy shopping centres?  If not, you are possibly a highly sensitive person (HSP).

HSPs are approximately 20% of the world.  As an HSP you probably prefer shopping on small main streets where you can make meaningful  “personal” connections with the owners/artists.

But what happens to an HSP stuck in an overloaded shopping centre for hours?  What is the toll on an HSP’s nervous system?  If you are like me, you are totally exhausted as you experience heightened sensitivity to the over-stimulus.

I guess that’s how this workshop was born.  I wanted to share what I have learned about thriving as a highly sensitive person living in this “normally” bustling and boisterous world.

1a482a45e865c2dabdae24365d32a8b8 elaine aron
Elaine Aron

My teachers have been many:  Elaine Aron (who changed my life with her book, The Highly Sensitive Person); Donna Eden (the master of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) who taught me efficient energy tools to allow me to be more at ease anywhere and everywhere).

And my wonderful portrait clients who walk through my studio door time and time again.  Yes I have been privileged to have spent years observing people as a black and white portrait specialist.  Collectively they taught me who I am and why, for over a quarter of a century, I create my portrait work out of the main stream and in a very non-linear fashion in this thriving environment.

Highly sensitive people have 4 common traits:

a) They process what happens around them more deeply.

b) They get over-stimulated easily (& take longer to recover from over-stimulation).

c) They feel everything more deeply.

d) They have a hyper-aware nervous system.

creativity energy the passionate life april 2016  (CROPPED)- low res for blogSo this workshop is designed with you in mind.  Limited to 5-6 people only, we will explore through the lens of our lives, the traits and amazing skills of an HSP.  Together we will practice tools and techniques to help you thrive in a non-HSP world.

By the end of this day-long workshop, I hope you will have deep pride in knowing that you are a highly sensitive person… with a unique way of approaching life, your world, work, family and friends, and with the realization that most HSPs live a much richer life.  I trust that you will see your differences as strengths and powerful tools for Creativity.

To my mind, Creativity is the source where most highly sensitives draw their energy, their joy and their life-work. Hence this workshop: Creativity for Highly Sensitives.

If you think you are a highly sensitive person (or have a child who is) — you are so welcome here.

Hoping you can come!

Helene Anne Fortin, Wakefield, Quebec, Canada.

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