About Helene Anne Fortin

haf305Helene Anne Fortin is one of North America’s leading portrait photographers. She believes that photography is a very powerful means of communication. Dubbed “the next Karsh” by clients and followers alike, her unique approach, vast experience and wonderful sensitivity have brought her to great heights in the world of photography.

Her dedication to her craft is absolute and soon Helene Anne was winning awards including the Grand Prize for Canadian Geographic Magazine and Photo Life International where her images were selected from among 18,000 entries. As well, Helene Anne received a prestigious Governor General of Canada medal for her work celebrating Canada.  View her portrait work at: www.portraitsofyourlife.com

hsp promo 2019 copyright ha fortinWanting to help others reach their true potential, Helene Anne connects to people in numerous ways: as a public speaker (with large and small groups alike).  She also loves to teach and offers a photography workshop entitled, The Art of Seeing.  As well she has developed a Creativity Mentorship Programme wherein she works one-on-one with people seeking to live a more creative life.

For details on The Art of Seeing photo workshops please view: www.workshopswithheart.com

bowl of roses- posterFor details on her Creativity Mentoring Programme :  www.kindmentor.wordpress.com

For Helene Anne’s Workshop which highlights Creativity for Highly Sensitive People: www.energiesofjoy.com

For more on Helene Anne’s Back Story (how she got from there to here) use this link

For more about Helene Anne’s Philosophy and Teaching Style, link here



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