Creativity Coaching with Helene Anne

Helene Anne Fortin and Puppy - Photo Credit: Lynn LacroixI guess I am like you… One thing seems to lead to another, and presto magic I am now offering one-on-one creativity mentorships.

How it all began?  Some of the participants in the Art of Seeing Workshops wanted more of me, more of my time, my knowledge, etc.  That’s how the Creativity Mentorship Programme was birthed.

The participants are a wide-ranging group of “creatives”, and I work with them with respect to their business start-ups, their art, their photography, their book-writing, their blocked creative paths that need reopening, or their need to start a new “life” after a loss or drastic change.  The reasons and people are as unique as their thumbprints.

But the goal is always the same: to get people moving in this 4x9 creative Mentorship - side 1precious life of theirs by using creativity and energy to open the doors to their next level of fulfillment.

It is a very reasonable cost so no one has to miss out.

Due to my workload, I only mentor 4 people at a time. There is an on-going waiting list for the Creativity mentorship programme.

Please call to put yourself on the waiting list or to discuss this further: 819 459.2161 if this is something that would be of interest to you.  View full details of the mentorship programme at:

Yours in creativity!

Helene Anne Fortin