Introducing My Amazing Co-Teachers

I am so excited to be co-teaching this workshop with these amazing co-teachers.  Both are highly sensitives.  Both: brilliant!

Introducing – Nadine Dawsonnadinedawson v2

Nadine Dawson is a mother, teacher and artist who plays with words and silence, melody and rhythm, line and colour. She moves about the city on foot, and is often spotted in the company of her lovely bicycle, The Purple Flavia.  She is a collector of ideas, with a fondness for insight.


lesley fantinIntroducing – Leslie Fantin

Lesley Fantin describes herself as a self-proclaimed ‘body nerd‘.  This expert in movement and yoga understands body mechanics, alignment and restorative movement therapy like no one else I have ever met.  Lesley is passionate about helping people find comfort and ease in their bodies. A natural teacher, she co-owns Vraie Nature Movement and Yoga Centre in the heart of Chelsea.