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Artwork – Helene Anne Fortin

“Having the knowledge and tools and techniques to be able to shift my energy,– or to balance or recoup — it has been invaluable.” B.

When you wrote, ‘…I sit (most of the time) on the edge of joy’… Myself, I’ve been sitting …not being able to connect to what creative messages were coming. Truly, I was on the edge of creative despair. But through this work something flipped. I realized it could be my edge of joy, instead. My (new) edge could be of anticipation, of stretching ideas for paintings, and learning to create them in new ways. I just felt lighter, relieved and grateful.” S.L.L.

invite helene anne fortin level 1 art of seeing 2017 low res
Artwork – Helene Anne Fortin

“Today was the mall day (not my fav place to be) but both daughters needed some clothes. But when I got home I did my energy work and felt much better. That is some great stuff! Thank so much for sharing and teaching it to me.” B.D.

“I love that you’ve created a new “meridian” or channel especially for HSPs. I think you could develop a special aspect of it even more, toward creative artists, helping them with specific goals, to be more confident, and use their more powerful energy to try out new directions.”S.L.

“So what did I learn? I learned a lot about myself. Creativity is not a special ‘in the moment’ event, it is something we do every day in many different ways. Life throws many curves at us.  We can lie down and let things roll over us, or we can creatively resolve adverse events, or figure out ways to make the insoluble tolerable and less stressful or the positive even more enjoyable.” R.F.